Download SHAREit for PC/Laptop/iOS Free 2019 [Windows 7/8/8.1/10]

Wanted to download Shareit for PC?

If Yes,then this article will help you in downloading Shareit for Windows(7/8/8.1/10) operating system for free.

Download SHAREit for PC

In app market the best app that is use for sharing files between devices that is Shareit app which is most popular in terms of its features found in this app.According to Google Play store and iOS store data,this app count is over 14 million downloads,which is most by sharing apps.Shareit is basically free application that can downloaded in any types of devices whether its a smartphone or PC(Laptop) or any IOS device or Mac.Shareit main feature is that you can easily share any type of files in any format with any documents,songs files,videos,photos with any size it can transfer easily over platforms mention above.There is no limitation or any quota of files sizes that users wanted to send files to share with their friends and family.In this article,we will share the steps to download Shareit for PC without any problems.

Shareit don’t have any restrictions for users for sharing files they wanted to transfer,as well as in size.You also want to know that Shareit application is secure and you don’t have to varies about your files and data or any documents privacy.The Shareit app allow sharing of files between Mobile to Mobile,PC to PC,PC to Mobile,Mobile to PC or any other transfer device.You can easily share files with in your public network.

In recent years,Shareit app is considers to be best File sharing app and users give very good rating about this App.After reading this you wanted to download Shareit For PC version and install it in your computer,then you came to right source.We will provide complete detail information related to Shareit for Window(7/8/8.1/10).

Shareit App download link will available at the end of Post where you can download and enjoy the most vauluable features of this app.Shareit has been released in all type of platforms and operation system.List is below:

  • For PC and Microsoft Windows(7/8/8.1/10).
  • For Mac.
  • For IOS (Apple App Store).
  • For Android (Google Play Store).
  • For Windows Phones (Microsoft).

SHAREit Apk Download:

SHAREit Apk Download

When you install Shareit app, an alert is expected to be sharing. Shareit app fits your wishes on the edge of your relief cut. When you install the application, you will see that any file is exaggerated in any angle compared to the traditional file transfer media like USB file or Bluetooth.

Shareit is the most preferred and most easy and use globally with different type of  Users that using these sharing applications.This application makes it very simple and makes a favorite to use user interface. Since it is a free application, users can download Shareit for PC and can use it briefly.

Larger sharing media files transfer using the two such as Bluetooth or USB devices, are insecure.When it changes the mode of sharing files, there is a hundred percent probability of obtaining empty data. Of course, such unwanted data can control the function of your device. Nevertheless, in this situation, Shareit is entirely ignoring such malicious transactions and guarantees that it will work for the security protocol. That is why, developers have invested time in designing the app in the direct systems of Wi-Fi.

For this, we need to further add that the download and installations are very simple. If you want, you can download the Official download link provided by the latest version of Shareit for Windows.

Procedure to Download Shareit for PC for Free on Windows:

Download Shareit for PC for Free

  • In order to Download Shareit Apk Files.Click this Link below to Download setup for Shareit app.

Download Shareit for PC

  • After Click you are redirect to main page of Shareit Official Page.
  • Then Download Apk File on your Desktop/Laptop.
  • Download File is in Zip Format.You have to UnZip first by extract it.After that click launch file in order to use Free Shareit on your Pc/Windows.

Procedure to Install Shareit Apk for your PC/Laptop:

If you wanted to install Shareit Apk on your Laptop.Then please follow the instructions that are given to you.For properly install Shareit without any error issues on our Window 7/8/8.1/10.

  • First launch the Shareit app on your mobile device.
  • Then Click the option Share to PC/Laptop on the top corner of Shareit app menu.
  • Then app will start working and ask the users to connect to their PC by authentic scanning and verify the connect.
  • After connect it will show you QR code that you have scan it,for connecting to your PC.
  • After you scan QR code with mobile phone,it will connect to your Shareit app with your PC.
  • Now you can easily share any type of files whether it a documents,photos,videos or any kind of stuff.
  • Last step when you transfer all Files,Don’t forget to disconnect mobile device from your PC

As to see that how easy to share files between users and platforms in no time using Shareit for PC latest version.

Shareit for PC App Features:

  • Shareit Apk file size is only 6.2 MB.Which is much low as compared to other Files Transfer App in the Market.
  • App is available for all platforms such as Android,iOS,Mac and Windows/Laptop.
  • Free and Safe for Use without any virus or malware.
  • No Transfer Files limit for both send and receiving the files of any size or any format.
  • Transfering Files don’t require any Internet connection or any public WIFI to connect in order to send files.
  • Shareit App is Safe of storing private file in Shareit Database in terms of security.
  • You can big Files files like games and movies using Shareit app.
  • When you connect to PC its transfer rate is faster then the traditional Bluetooth or using USB data and 100 times faster speeds that make the task complete in no time.
  • Transfer Files with all types of Platforms like Mobile to Mobile,PC TO PC,PC to Mobile,iOS,Windows etc.All conversions are supports in latest version of Shareit apk.
  • Replicate data easily with help of Shareit for PC App with any problems.

Advantages of Shareit for Windows(7/8/8.1/10):

Advantages of Shareit for Windows(7/8/8.1/10)

  • It is a free app for downloading in any operating system or mobile devices.
  • It is a small size application so that anyone can download the app on their device
  • The speed of transfer in the app faster than the transferring in Bluetooth in latest version of Shareit 4.0.
  • Can transfer any file type and file size.
  • App can send multiple files at once.
  • You do not have to use USB, mobile data or WiFi for transferring the files in the app.
I hope you enjoy this detailed guide related to Shareit for PC with different Windows version.You can also check out our Separate post related to each Window 7,Window 8/8.1 and Window 10. If you follow the instructions in this article then Shareit app is easy to install and if you use for first time with zero knowledge about the app.Since Shareit Apk is free to download and use it for lifetime without any cost.For sake of its Features and benefits Shareit for PC considers to be best Files sharing app in the market.